Sunday, January 5, 2014

Carnivores PRO

Carnivores PRO is a new app I am playing. In the game you hunt dinosaurs. So, one time, something  funny happened in Carnivores PRO.  I called a T-Rex and shot it. It twirled like a ballerina. :) It was funny. :) The app helps me learn the names of dinosaurs. This game is good for people who like dinosaurs.


  1. How do you get a T-Rex? Are there any tricks to shooting one?

  2. Do you only learn their names or do you learn what they eat, what their enemies are, etc.??

    1. No, you don't only learn their names Aunt Sue. When you select a dinosaur it tells you its diet. It does not tell you who their enemies are. It does tell you what the range of each dinosaur's sight, scent, and hearing are.

  3. Gosh, that's not scary to you? You are way braver than me, buddy.