Thursday, January 9, 2014

Bird feeder

 Hey! I made a bird feeder and nesting ball yesterday! Here is how to make the nesting ball. Take an onion bag and put some soft twine and string in the onion bag. Leave some edges of the soft stuff sticking out. Then for the the bird feeder take some peanut butter and spread it on half an apple. Hang the two things outside together and then a bird will come eat and make a nest!


  1. I loved making this with you. The nesting ball was my favorite. Now the birds will be able to find some comfy materials for their nest. :)

  2. Man, now I want to make a bird feeder!

  3. I will have to make one of these and take photos of the birds getting treats. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Is there a certain time of the year should you put this out??

  5. Yes Aunt Sue. You should put it sometime after New year.

  6. I'm just curious. Does the bag smell onion-y? Or is that not a problem?

    The nesting ball looks really comfy. I wonder if I could make one of these big enough for me. Maybe using a fishing net or something like that. :)

    1. It does not smell onion-y. It smells feathery.
      Maybe you should try making a nesting ball too and putting it on your blog. I would love to see it.